Low Iodine = Low Joy

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I am about to have my radioactive iodine treatment next week, and here is hoping this is the last thing we have to do with this pesky thyroid cancer. Before you can do the treatment you have to spend two weeks getting through the low iodine diet. Now I know there are worse things in the world to deal with, but this diet really isn’t fun, but you can still have adult beverages, so all in all it could be worse.

Lots of meal prep, and eating at home!

Last thursday was the start of my LID diet, so we headed to Trader Joe’s, now I say this with about 90% certainty that you are pretty safe shopping there, according to the “internet”, they use non-iodized salt in their brand of foods,  we also asked at the store and they said that they use non-iodized salt, so if it says “salt” your good, if it says “sea salt” put it back. You still have to follow the rest of the guidelines of no dairy, no egg yolks, no seafood, no bakery products and so on, if you are doing the diet you know the rules, if not the best place to look is the ThyCa website .

I am halfway there, and I will admit that Sauvigon Blanc and Grapefruit Vodka are a big help in getting through this, but here are a few other things I have tried.

We were invited for a pizza party, which included making pizzas in our friends outdoor brick oven pizza and its bring your own toppings. Its a little annoying to do, but id rather not spend two weeks at home, but I brought my own dough (homemade), my own pizza sauce (trader joes), tomatoe slices, mrs. dash’s Italian seasoning and we pick some basil from the garden to throw on there too, it was good, I mean I longed for everyone elses filled with cheese, but it wasn’t bad.

Here is the recipe I used for simple pizza dough Honest and Truly Simple Pizza Dough , just make sure you are using non iodized salt, I used my new Artisan Mini Kitchen Aid that I looooovvvvveee and it comes out great. Mrs. Dashs seasonings are a must, I think you can get them at most super markets, I have gotten most of mine at Shop rite.

Time to get in the kitchen!

Here are a few other recipes I have used, with a tweak or two:

Zucchini Enchiladas  – minus the cheese and sour cream, I used Trader Joe’s red enchilada sauce

French Bread – Really just looking for more reasons to use my Kitchen Aid, but I supped Olive Oil for the butter and used non iodized salt

I tried a few cookie recipes, but they all made me sad because I burnt them, I dont know what happened!

Hope this helps anyone who has to do the Low Joy, aka Low Iodine diet, and if you do, I feel for you, and you can do it!!!



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