Party Planning: Food Trucks and Fire Pits

I recently hosted a college graduation party that I was super excited about, because I got to work with a theme. I Love themes! It was tough to decide what to do because it was for a guy, and sometimes throwing a party or buying a gift for a guy is tough, so we decided to go with “Food Trucks and Fire Pits.” Here is how it went, and if you need an idea for an upcoming gathering, I hope this helps!

I started off looking for actual food trucks to have at the house, I found a few where the prices weren’t too bad, but the dates didn’t work out so my theme sort of shifted, to food stations and fire pits, but I would make it fun! My vision was to have some sort of “food trucky” food and then pair each station with a drink. I decided on hamburgers and hot dogs – beer, Cajun shrimp bites – mojitos, flank steak tacos and chicken empanadas – margaritas, wings – beer and a cheese and meat board with wine, each food station would be on a fun table, the drinks next to them, around the outside of the yard. The fire pits would be down the middle of the yard surrounded by hay bales, plastic Adirondack chairs, and tree stumps.

I scoured all the shopping apps and Craigslist for tables to refinish, and plastic adirondack chairs to paint it was harder than, I thought and of course more work then I intended. I found four good tables, refinished and painted them fun bright colors, same with the chairs, but then I was tired and had way to much to do, to do any more, so my sister suggested ply wood on saw horse, still had a fun rustic look, and my dad and husband lovingly allowed me to spray paint them, so they worked with the motif. They have some pretty interesting things out there in the Amazon world, I found crystals for the fire pits to make them change color and starter logs that did the same thing, I was pretty excited about my find.

Then all that was left was the little things and decorations. I wanted the Edison light bulbs all around the yard and lanterns filled with twinkle lights, s’mores for dessert, a sticky finger station and yard games on the other side of the yard, so we got giant jenga and bocci. We had everything set and ready too the letter, I was beyond proud of thinking of even the tiniest details, besides the weather, and that is why its “the butter side down life,” it rained all day and all night, torrential down pour.

Working with what you got!
Sometimes if you put your head together with a few other intelligent beings, you can figure it out. There happened to be a nice community place that has a log cabin look and thank goodness it was available that day, so we hustled over, rearranged some things and got ready to party! I couldn’t have my fire pits, but we brought all the chairs over and put them out on the places decks and I used the tables I did and put the drinks on them in different spots around the deck and the string lights around the outside. We took a wheel barrel filled it with ice and threw all the beers in there. We put the food along the outside of the inside and chalkboard signs saying what drinks they matched with on the deck, made s’mores in the oven for dessert, hung pictures all over with clothes pins and twine and lined it with twinkle lights and made it work!

All, in, all it still ended up being a nice party and still a good theme!

The fire crystals were pretty cool, we used them later at home.
Below are some of the inspirations I used, hope someone can have an outdoor party like this and let me know how it goes!

Cajun Shrimp Bites

I have made these a bunch, I never have any left.

Outdoor Ideas

I liked the vibe, they were going for.

More Outdoor Party Ideas

Some cute ideas, I didn’t use them all, but helpful inspiration.


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