Lets Try This Again

Its been a little while and a few things have changed, but I am going to try my hand at this blogging thing again.

In the past two years, I did find that I had Papillary Thyroid Cancer with trabecular features (which makes it a little more tricky then your normal papillary cancer), which led to, two surgery’s and hopefully only one round of radioactive iodine, we shall see.

There were good days and bad days, but I learned some interesting things along the way.

My first surgery was tough, it was painful. my incision didn’t heal well and I didn’t feel any better, but in November of 2016, I joined the Max Challenge, after my mom raved about it. I thought I was in, ok, shape, but after my first few work outs, I realized I really wasn’t, kind of a rude awakening, but I fell in love with this program.

Burpee Hair Don’t Care

I have been going non stop since then, every morning 6 am up until my last surgery to complete the thyroidectemy, and I have to tell you my recovery was night and day! I was out of bed on the second day and ready to be back to life the first week, no one would let me, which was probably smart of them, but I was amazed how good I felt this time around.

That was in February and since then I have gone back to the Max, gotten a puppy, started training for a triathlon, completed whole 30 and have some pretty exciting goals ahead of me!

Meet Nutter Budder!

Going forward I would like to share my journey through radiation, my dreams of an Etsy shop and trying to find some fitspo!

Happy reading and Have a great day!!


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