Improvise, Adapt, Overcome: Home Made Mac n’ Cheese (Gluten-Free)

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Summer colds are the worst, and when I am sick the only thing that makes me happy is Macaroni and Cheese. Sunday I took to the couch and said “I’m so sick,” a thousand times each time following a request for Husband to do something for me.

“I’m so sick, will you make Macaroni and Cheese,” husband went to the pantry and pulled out one of the gluten-free boxes of mac n’ cheese, I said ” No I want this” and held my I PAD up so he could see there was a recipe I wanted to try. He took the I PAD and saw this on the screen Gluten Free Smoked Cheddar Mac & Cheese – ashleyanchored.

Husband  “You are joking right?”

Me “It clearly says difficulty level EASY… cough, cough.. I’m so sick”

Husband “Do you even have the ingredients?”

Me  “Yes… I’m so sick”

Husband “You have two of the ingredients she says to use”

Me  “Don’t you have a saying for these situations, adapt and do something???”

Husband “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome”

Me: “Yes do that, I’m so sick”

The ingredients I had around the house.

Pepper jack, Smoked Cheddar and Mozzarella rolled with Pepperoni
He may have been seething a tiny bit but that is exactly what he did 🙂
I did have the gluten-free macaroni, the gluten-free flour and the smoked cheddar cheese, He added pepper jack cheese, mozzarella and pepperoni, a few pieces of prosciutto and a little bit of liquid smoke and I topped it with chipotle hot sauce. As he was melting all the cheese together husband says ” There is no way this is healthy”, I don’t know about that especially since we added no vegetable and he used whole milk, but it was delicious. I am sorry we botched her recipe but my goodness was it delicious and I’m pretty sure cured me!

We don’t like graters they always take a part of your thumb with it

I’m standing there telling husband to make it faster


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