How to Properly Rub Your Fun in Someones Face

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I love to travel and one of the places I would love to go is Ireland, it’s where my family hails from, and one day I will make it! But, alas, my family is there gallivanting the beautiful countryside of Ireland while I am not. With the possibility of thyroid surgery and husband at a new job we are saving those precious vacation days for now and I am living vicariously through them, and they are kind enough to send me detailed emails of their exploits, not rubbing it in my face at all.

Since they were so kind to send me their updates I thought I would share, they are really entertaining. To explain the opening line, a few seasons ago we were watching Survivor, it was season 25 and the way Lisa’s brother runs out and says “SIISSTEERR” we found so entertaining and that is how we refer to each other  Lisa’s Survivor Family Moment.

Email #1:


I thought i would shoot you an email rather than send you a postcard to let you know how our trip is going so far.  The plane ride wasn’t to bad, watched a few terrible movies and slept a little.  Once we got of the plane, the fun began and you know i am being facetious when i say that.  It took an hour to get the rental car (no gps…who wants a gps in a foreign country?)
Anyways we then drove to our villa (3 hrs away from the airport) its pretty nice…(dad had some trouble opening the door)
We then headed into limerick where we drove in circles until dad found a parking, then we went grocery shopping

Email #2


Day two got off to a late start we went and got brunch it was delicious
 ir4 ir5
we walked around the town of Adare (we are staying at Adare Manor) here’s the park
a pub or 2 or 3
Back to Limerick for a carriage ride with drinks
King Johns Castle (Robin Hoods arch nemesis)
and then back to Adare and the Pub
Email #3


Mommom and Poppop were exhausted from all the climbing yesterday there were a lot of stairs in the castle so it was just the 4 of us
We made our way to Blarney Castle
Lauren and Mom not kissing the Blarney Stone
A nice walk through the woods
and back to the pub
Email #4


Today the gang is back together and we are heading to the Cliffs of INSANITY. (they are extremely uncooperative)
They wanted to charge us to climb the tower so we had to find another way in
We failed
Mom, Dad, Mommom and Poppop finally caught up (notice dad not paying attention to posted warnings)
Sadly there were no Puffins at the Cliffs of Moher, but we did get to feed an Ostrich, and an Alpaca (lu was super excited about that)
Poppop is a party animal (didn’t even take his shoes off)
Email #5


So the adventure continues…
We made dad go get breakfast while we slept in…croissants and nutella is awesome
We then headed back out to the motorway to pick up Colin (he says hello)
And you will never guess what we did next…We went to see a castle!!
ir 21
Lu and i were all set for a shuffle board game
ir 23
I think Gaston was the interior decorator there were antlers on everything (the pic is of a mermaid with antlers)
Spoiled lulu got tired of walking
ir 24
Mom and dad refused to stop for lunch
ir 25
Self Explanatory
ir 26
TWINS!!!! (black shirts, blue jeans, and grey sneakers)  (I got dressed first) (i picked my outfit first -lulu)
ir 27


so day 6 went like this:
Breakfast (not at the gross place that tried to sneak blood pudding into our breakfast sandwiches)
then it was on to the Ring of Kerry
3 hours later…The view hadn’t changed
Dad decided to see the Gap of Dunloe…we ran into some trouble (mom wasn’t allowed in)
So we ended up going to the Torc Waterfall and Muckross House (which mom said looked like it could be in Downtown Abbey)
We went to another pub, the stew was so hot but delicious, I burnt my mouth and had enough.  Day 6 was rough 6 hours in the car, yuck.
We had to leave beautiful Adare Manor today checkout was at 10…probably should have woken up before 9:30 oh well…
We are on  our way to Dublin…Poppop was in charge of finding the hotel…he found some hole in the wall called Powerscourt…Here’s mom and Colin standing in front of the fountain in the back of the hotel
I then proceed to beat the Englishman at Giant Chess, almost as much fun as Giant Jenga (CHECKMATE)
Seriously I can NEVER stay at a Holiday Inn again…
There is a tv in the bathroom mirror and a super cool shower.
Gots to go off to the pub…
Love ya lots

Mom just told us that we had to check out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ir 34


It is a sad, sad day.  My vacation in Ireland has come to an end.
So our last day we had to leave the beautiful powerscourt to go to the Hilton by the airport…
the hilarious part that i forgot to take pics of whose the bed all the rooms had two single beds except for collins he got a full sized.
You should have seen the way the van was packed…So glad I was driving i only hit two curbs…
We headed back into dublin and continued our hop on hop off tour of the city…Finns hotel has some James Joyce significance
ir 35
Kind of a bummer the bus took a lot longer to get through the first part of the tour..
We went to the Dublin zoo where we got to see husbands hairier cousins (a giant silver-back who refused to look at us)
ir 36
I think they used this to feed the T-Rex
 ir 37
The long walk back to our hotel…so sad…
ir 38
Lulu thought this was our new hotel
ir 39
We finally cleared security it can be such a hassle…Lulu started to roll her eyes at security…It didn’t end well for her eye
ir 40
I’m super bummed its over I had a ton of fun.  I want to come back
P.S. stupid bus made us miss jameson factory but who closes up shop at 6 pm thats crazy
P.P.S.  I’m so bummed about my VK being over i think i lost all my funny this email was the hardest to write

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