Sometimes I Cry Over Spilled Wine

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It was a true butter side down weekend, so I thought I would share. Friday am started off well, went for a swim with the sister in law, then headed off to the endocrinologist (because who doesn’t want to spend every off day at the dr). The friday before I met with the surgeon to discuss the partial lobectemy on my thyroid and he sent me for another round of blood work and a thyroid ultra sound, a few days later someone from his office called and said the nodule seems to be shrinking and your blood work is normal, yay!! This means I get a puppy (husband said after surgery we can start talking about getting a dog- end side bar). So I went to the endo to discuss what we can do to manage my symptoms if we aren’t doing surgery. Sit down and we start talking and she says ” the nodule isn’t shrinking, its getting bigger, and your blood work isn’t normal your tsh is still suppressed,” well there goes my puppy!

I’m not completely sure why there was confusion, but it was a little frustrating to get two different forms of information, but my gals cheered me up with some champagne, the beach and floaties for the ocean! Now we are waiting to hear back from the surgeon to see what happened.


Sunday night we decided to wind down with some accouterments and wine.

My first try at painting Birch trees and one of our fun wedding presents.

I sat down put my wine down and knocked it over, not a drop left in the glass. I got up really quick to clean it up, slipped right in the wine I had spilled, landed right on my back. Husband ran in ” are you ok??/” ” NO! I spilled my  wine!!” I have a little crick in my neck this am, but I think I will live.

Happy Monday everybody!!


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