I Thought Compromise Was a Four Letter Word

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Everyone says that marriage is all about compromise, you have to start thinking about another person more than yourself, or at least a relatively similar amount to how much you think about yourself. I was thinking about that Monday night as I was watching the Bachelorette Finale, but then my thoughts were cut short by the beginning of a horrendous thyroid night, for lack of a better title. I was just thinking that maybe going gluten-free and low iodine had really started helping things, but my body said ” No we were just kidding!”

It began with the usual flutters, and feeling like I couldn’t catch my breath, then the delightful: I’m sweating to death, oh no wait I’m freezing, I need three comforters, oh no wait I’m a thousand degrees again. It was followed by stomach cramps, nausea and a fun migraine, normally I get one or two of these symptoms, they usually aren’t all together for one horrific night! The thing that makes me wonder is there is no information out there about it, is it a thyroid flare up, is it a baby thyroid storm (I don’t know if that’s real), or is it all  just the fun of hyperthyroidism. The Dr’s gave me beta blockers to take every night, but in my opinion they are the worst, so I just try to ride it out, there was definitely no sleep to be had, but it eventually subsided.

Back to my thought on compromise and thinking about another person, husband traded baseball for the Bachelorette, and I finally agreed to watch Firefly. Firefly is not as bad as I thought, except the reavers (or what ever they are called) are upsetting. He has also compromised his love of steak, prime rib and pasta for chicken, gluten-free, and zoodels. So when I say compromise I apparently mean I compromise a little bit and him a little bit more, but to each relationship their own.

I will say it has been interesting trying new gluten-free things and since I do think it has helped curbed these awful nights/days I’ll share some of my favorites so far.

Husband carrying some of my Gluten Free purchases and waiting for his crepe.


Omission IPA: It tastes a little different then a normal IPA, but pretty decent.

Omission IPA six-pack


So far I like this one the best, and husband who HATES chickpeas’ ate it with out a complaint.

Pizza Dough:

Dominos will sell you gluten-free dough to make your own which is pretty good, but making yours at home seems to taste the best.

This really only helps you if you are in the Jersey area:

Avanti Trattoria in Matawan, NJ

I really enjoy their Gluten- Free pizza, they cook it on a metal try so it isn’t contaminated, we love their happy hour just wish it was till 7!


A little random, but Whipped in Red Bank, NJ. does Gluten- Free Crepes and they are delicious.

Whipped in Red Bank, N.J.

I know there is a lot more to explore in the gluten-free world, and a lot more to learn about dealing with hyperthyroidism so feel free to share your suggestions!


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