Mud and Sparkles: What Could Be Better?

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I completed my fourth attempt at being a Rugged Maniac this past Saturday. It was a blast as usual and very successfully makes you feel like you are the most out of shape human being in the world. I almost conquered the lily pad obstacles, which is harder than it sounds, last year I fell before I even got to the first one, in a very entertaining fashion. People I knew from last year even waited 15 minutes at the obstacles just to see me attempt it, I am sorry I disappointed you all by being better than I was last year.

Normally I dress in very bright pants, our team shirt and face paint. I somehow lost my giant box-o-face paint, I think in my move which is very disappointing, how is a girl to live with out a box of face paint!!!!  With no face paint, I decided to go with a different form of face paint, the brightest make up I could find. I recently signed up for BirchBox, it’s a lot of fun to get in the mail, its like a present every month, they really do send some cool stuff. I utilized some of the items they have sent over the months and the result was awesome.


Two of the items I used were from one of my monthly Birch Box’s, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Bella and Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Blue Lagoon. I also used the Body Shops Waterproof Mascara and as many sparkles as I could find. I thought it was fun and bright and a little on the side of the ridiculous, but when I met up with a few friends they said “Why are you trying to look pretty? We are going to roll in Mud?” It was a nice complement, but it makes me wonder about my taste and what my makeup normally looks like.


If you want to try Birch Box, try here!

Probably about half way through the race there is the delightful obstacle where you go down a tube into a giant watery mud pit to climb under barbed wire, as my head came out of the water, I came up to my mom taping us saying, ” I love your makeup!” That is pretty impressive for any makeup to stay on in water, but a  mile and a half into a race, and through multiple mud pits, it was obviously pretty bright because she was a little ways away from me.

We went through another mile and a half of fire, rings, lily pads, giant inflatable’s and large walls to scale. The finish is a large vertical wall, a mesh rope to climb and a big slide ending in one last mud pit. The race is tons of fun and I have minimal bruising, I say anyone should try it at least once! After the last slide we ran to the finish line and got our medals (thanks for the medals this year Rugged Maniac), and with some other friends who came to spectate, the first thing I heard was “why would you wear makeup to a mud run?” I was caked in mud, but the mascara, lip stick and eyeliner were still in tact, I think this makeup would last through anything so I have to give it all its props!


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