Attempting To Be a Mud Running Maniac

For me short-term goals are the way to go, especially when it comes to fitness and working out. As much as I enjoy exercising and the way you feel after, it still is not easy to make your butt get up and work out. I use races to help push myself, if I have a race to train for then I have to work out! It also helps to have people to work out with, if someone is meeting you there you can’t just not show up, well you can, but your friends will hate you. I’ve been doing races since high school in my old cross-country days, through the years I’ve done a lot of 5k’s, a few triathlon’s and mud runs and one half marathon. At this point in my life I try to have something scheduled every few months so I have something to work towards, and right now we are working towards Rugged Maniac!!

I’ve yet to make it through a mud run, unscathed, you come out bruised and battered, but you feel very tough, dare I say rugged, while you are doing it. Last year I felt totally ready for the race, but I lost to the obstacles. The lily pad one was brutal I slipped on the mud before I could even get to the first pad and just went straight to the water smashing the back of my leg.

During and after ūüė¶

image2 (2) image3 (2)

Then was the jump on the trampoline to jump on the wall and grab on to the rope, I dint jump up, I jumped straight forward into a piece of plywood across my shins, that felt fabulous, besides these mishaps it’s a lot of fun. Here is how I have been preparing for my upcoming mud run, I try to do this routine a few times a week, changing the in between exercise, and then running twice a week. If its raining I do one of my PIYO¬†videos(Chaylene is who I want to be when I decide to grow up) ¬†or go to an awesome YouTube exercise channel. I do this routine at a play ground and I will try to describe the exercises as best I can, and yes it is embarrassing to fight over the monkey bars with little kids, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The jist of it is run then do four sets of ten 1 arms, 1 plyometric, 1 legs, 1 core then run again, the goal is to get up to ten rounds or 3.25 miles total.

Warm up: Run .25 mile and stretch, attempt the monkey bars


Run .25 miles

(Ten of each exercise)




criss cross sit ups


Walking Lunges

Jump and Hang (monkey bars or a bar of some sort)

star fish jumps

( this guy is doing a  Star Jump )

Russian Twists

Run .25

Bowlers Lunges

Hand Stand push ups (lean your legs on a wall to hold you up, unless you have crazy core strength, which then you don’t need my advice)

Bear Crawl

Roll Up Sit ups


(There is a hill where I work out so I throw in two hill sprints around here before I am too tired)

Side lung

Tricep Pushups

Mountain Climbers


Run .25

If you have a friend try some assisted pull-ups, they also sell cables to help

High Knees

Find a bench and push up with one leg and kick with the other like a donkey kick and back to the ground

Superman to Banana

(¬†Superman to Banana ¬†this lady is a fabulous example and if you hear Tony Horton’s voice saying super man – Banana its even better)

Run .25

Uneven push ups

Swing Pike

( Shape describes it way better than I could Swing Pike)

Speed Skater

Slide Squat (one leg on the slide facing sideways, trying to only use the leg on the slide do a squat movement to get the foot on the ground to the slide and back to the ground)

Run .25

Bench Dips

Spider Money Jumps (this is clearly not what is really called, but starting in a runners lunge, switch which leg is forward keeping your hands on the ground and quickly witching your legs back and forth)

Sumo Squats

Standing Crunches

Run. 25

Wide Push Ups

Jump Squats

Side Planks (one for each side)

If there is a fence or something that is about waist-high I run to it go up and over 10 times and then start my final run which once I caught my breath I do 3-4 sets of sprints as 20-30 seconds and then do a cool down run.

This should get you to about 2.5 miles.

I am in no means a health care professional or fitness guru, I half am, but I haven’t finished getting any of my certifications, these are just my suggestions and my work outs, as you see by the pictures I’m also not always successful, but hey I try. ¬†Also as you can tell those are not the real names of some of them, it’s just what I think they should be called, I tried to describe them and find their real names.

Besides training this is a fun way to mix up just plain running, I hope this helps and yes I will share what I am sure the disaster of my next race will come to be!

P.s. If you were wondering, this is appropriate race wear

image1 (1)

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