Before the butter goes on the toast…


I was recently married to a fantastically snarky, loving man and our one year mark is around the corner. During all my wedding planning I spent half my life on Pinterest and the other half in a panic attack,  but all in all it went well. After being married for a little while, I still spend half my life on Pinterest, but I’ve expanded to a handful of lifestyle blogs. How do these people do it, everything looks so easy! There just seems to be no actual way to de-clutter a small apartment or no way for me to emotionally part with my things, and my cauliflower crust never seems like a real pizza! Every time I try one of these suggestions or tricks it all just seems to go terribly, terribly wrong, but I  am determined to try them and I figured I would share.

Back to the butter side down life, our first year of marriage has been a road of ups and downs. Its included car crashes, job layoffs, and scary medical diagnosis. Since I moved to North Jersey (and yes it is a debate for another day what North Jersey is), I met with a new doctor, then ten others and came up with a fun case of Hyperthyroidism with a pesky nodule that no one can tell if its cancer or not and it has been a giant pain to deal with, but I figured I cant be the only one, so why not figure it out here!

I plan to share my delightful butter side down life stories, my attempt at creative apartment living,  recipe wins and fails, and dealing/living with hyperthyroidism, hope you enjoy!

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